I have had many people ask me, "How can I help spread the word about this great website?" Here is how you can help:

  1. Support it by your active participation on-line to assure that every question asked here gets an answer and by demonstrating, with your words, that this truly is the most friendly and helpful site for the Large Scale hobbyist and garden railroader.
  2. Be sure to support it with your financial assistance by becoming a First Class member. The cost is less than a couple of days lunches at a fast food joint, and the effects are a whole lot more healthy.
  3. We've created printable flyers. You can print off some copies and take them with you to train shows, club mettings, open houses, and any other event where you meet other large scale enthusiasts. You can also ask your local shop if they'd let you place a stack of flyers on their counter. The flyers can be downloaded below.
  4. Tell other large scale modelers on the internet about us. If you exchange email with them or see them on other forums, tell them about this incredible community and give them the web address.

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