Author:Tom FarinCreated:4/11/2008 7:31 AM
This railroad is designed to be a radio controlled battery powered layout. However, all electricity used by the railroad will be provided using off-grid solar power.
By Tom Farin on 4/20/2008 6:39 PM
This will step you through the conversion of an Aristocraft 0-4-0 switcher to battery power.
By Tom Farin on 4/20/2008 4:49 PM
Step by step on construction of my first battery conversion - an Aristocraft Classic South Pacific Coast battery car.
By Tom Farin on 4/20/2008 8:45 AM
This post will discuss radio control options I considered, and why I chose to follow the path I did.
By Tom Farin on 4/17/2008 6:39 PM
This entry will lay out the options and decisions as I move toward radio control battery power for the NPC.
By Tom Farin on 4/11/2008 10:47 AM
This summarizes the objectives of an off-grid solar system. It includes some condensed forum member responses, and my responses to them. Originally posted to the R/C Battery forum on 4/3/07
By Tom Farin on 4/11/2008 10:43 AM
This post goes through the various components that might be found in an off-grid solar system
By Tom Farin on 4/11/2008 10:13 AM
This entry relates a solar yard light to an off-grid solar system. Then it discusses conversion of a string of low voltage yard lights using incandescent lighting to individual solar power and LED lighting.
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