By lownote on 6/13/2012 3:53 PM
Most people in the hobby know about Bachmann's Big Hauler and its uptown sibling, the "Tenth Anniversary" model or "Annie." These are models of a narrow gauge prototype, a Baldwin 4-6-0 "ten wheeler" from the late 19th/early 20th century. The scale is about 1:22, which makes it an odd duck--much much too big, in my opinion, for the 1:29 scale standard gauge models we tend to run. On the other hand, Bachmann has updated the "Annie" so that it now has metal gears and a new pilot truck. It should be a very reliable and strong-running engine as a result. There aren't that many choices for low cost, small steam right now. So I decided to see if I could "downsize" the 1:22 Annie to a more mainline look. 1:32 would be the correct scale for the track, but that would  too small. I'm going to aim for 1:29.
I'm not a very skilled modeler. I'm more likely to dump superglue on it and hope it sticks. This will be a real challenge for me and I'll be doing a good bit of blundering.
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